High Atlas Mountains

High Atlas Mountains

The High Atlas Mountains

The High Atlas rises from the west at the Atlantic Ocean and extends to the Moroccan-Algerian border. Berbers are the first inhabitants of these huge mountains and their culture reaches more than eight thousand years. Their traditional roofed houses, created from packed rocks and palm tree trunks. The walls are made of original clay. Paint colors were mixed with natural materials. Read More

romantic Valley of Roses in Morocco

Exploring the romantic Valley of Roses in Morocco

While traveling to the Sahara Desert, you may want some downtime to literally stop and smell the roses in El Kelaat M’Gouna. The fresh mountain air of this part of Morocco is scented with a hint of roses, and trees grow in abundance along the flowing river of Asif M’Goun. You’ll enjoy the tranquility of this pretty small town and be able to interact and learn more about the Berber lifestyle. If you visit in May you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy the lively Festival of Roses, which is held every year following the rose harvest. Read More