High Atlas Mountains

High Atlas Mountains

The High Atlas Mountains

The High Atlas rises from the west at the Atlantic Ocean and extends to the Moroccan-Algerian border. Berbers are the first inhabitants of these huge mountains and their culture reaches more than eight thousand years. Their traditional roofed houses, created from packed rocks and palm tree trunks. The walls are made of original clay. Paint colors were mixed with natural materials. 

The High Atlas Summit is a 90-minute drive from Marrakech and is easy to see from afar. You can explore this area on foot. If you decide to go on foot, you will find a variety of routes, from short to difficult tours for several days. The contemporary world has little influence on the villages which cling to the rugged slopes. It looks like traveling in time when you travel through this small villages, you are going to observe a means of life that is mostly unchanged over a long time. Since their lives are closely connected with hills and nature, they make living from agriculture and livestock, using old practices to live in fertility between the slopes. The inhabitants are known as hospitable people and you may find yourself welcomed into their house for a cup of mint tea.

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My name is Youssef, but my friends call me Icho as it is my Berber name. My passion is learning different languages. I work as a driver/guide and I also organize excursions to the Sahara desert.

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