Outdoor Activities in Morocco Camel Riding

Outdoor Activities in Morocco, Camel Riding

Outdoor Activities in Morocco, Camel Riding

Are you traveling to Marrakech? Looking for some great outdoor activities to do. In this article, we will talk about the best outdoor activities in Morocco. So keep reading.

Morocco River Rafting and Kayaking

Looking for a travel destination this 2019? Morocco should be the top on your list. It has several adventures that can make you active all throughout your travel. As a matter of fact, it is a place of kayaking and river rafting. A kayaking trip is one of the several river adventures you can afford. You will witness a picturesque and wonderful topography with a burst of captivating Moroccan sunshine.


Horse-riding across the beach through the lapping sea with an aesthetic backdrop from the setting sun, you will be able to have a perfect experience. Starting from Essaouira, you can take advantage of horseriding and enjoy its beautiful surroundings. With the sound of the waves and the warmth of the sun, horseriding will be an ideal outdoor activity you can ever have.

Morocco offers different activities that can reach your expectations whether you are a thrill-seeker or an adventure lover. With its range of landscapes and continuous innovation, horse-riding is an intimate activity you do not expect in the first place.

Have you ever experienced riding camels across a desert or dining with several Saharan nomads? If not, Morocco is the best travel destination you can ever have. Its camel ride is just a 20-minute experience. You will literally walk with a pair of nomad shoes and experience their way of living. You will have an adventure you will always remember as well.

A visit to the desert in Sahara is an experience all people should try in their lifetime. It is a travel journey in which you will be able to have many fond memories that will last forever. Once you hear every footstep of a camel, you will encounter a sense of fulfillment. Upon seeing the vast, clear, and bluish sky, you will realize that your 2017 travel destination is one of the best.

Near Merzouga, Erg Chebbi has the highest sand dunes in Morocco. Like an ocean of Saharan sand, it gives you a way to have an authentic Arabian adventure. You will also have the opportunity to explore one of a kind desert landscape. Indeed, you should include camel trekking in your travel adventures in Morocco. Surely, you will have fun.

 Mountain Biking at Draa Valley

Before going home, you should go to Draa Valley. There are a lot of bike tours that can give you many options. Though descending on the valley is exhausting, you will be quite amazed by the stunning views. This is why it becomes a special adventure that is an excellent alternative to a camel ride. In addition, it boasts red rocks and sands against the green palm trees.

When you are eager to experience mountain biking at Draa Valley, make sure to choose a qualified tour service provider. That way, you will finish the adventure safely. You will also take the right path to reach your desired destination. Its biking tour may link a few of the most varied or contrasting landscapes of the southeastern part of Morocco.

You and your friends will depart from Marrakesh and cross high plateaus. All of you will cycle through spectacular canyons and lush valleys. Once you set south, you will be able to witness the wildest part of the Djebel Saghro. It also has an array of incredible lunar-like views. Once you reach the Draa Valley, you will be caught by its lush oases as well as palm groves.

Rock Climbing at Todra Gorge

Are you obsessed with doing different types of climbing? Worry no more as Morocco is a place for natural, thrilling, and outdoor climbing. Having many breathtaking and spectacular mountainous regions, Todra Gorge is one of the right climbing spots for you. It can be a bit challenging if you opt for a tougher climbing path. This is best when you invite one of your friends and colleagues. You will realize that you have a worth it travel destination at the end of the day. Go to Morocco this year to have the best travel experience ever!

Todra Gorge is recognized as one of the premier sport climbing destinations in Morocco. It is also a home of 400 climbs approximately, including single-pitch top ropes and 10 pitch adventures. In popular sectors, there is excellent and fixed protection. Aside from that, there is an amazing selection of traditional routes and long mixed sports. When you are in search of more thrilling adventures, Todra Gorge will never disappoint you.

When to Go

Pleasant temperatures, a lack of rain, or reliable sunshine give Todra Gorge a hassle-free or desirable climate for you as a climber. This is the time when the place becomes an ideal escape during the winter season. It is always best to go to Todra Gorge from September to November. But, it can be extended to February or May. The good news is that the Morocco Travel Agency organizes all popular activists all year round.

Getting There

The nearest international airport is in Marrakech. Daily flights are available from or throughout Europe and other countries. There are also bus services that run from Marrakech to Tinghir. It is 15 km away from Todra Gorge. If you prefer taxis, there is nothing to worry about as there are reliable service providers you can trust and count on.


There are tons of riads, guest houses, and hotels between Tinghir and Todra Gorge. In the heart of climbing, you can take advantage of Hotel Yasmina. By just a few minutes of walking, you can reach the exact location without hassles. At the entrance of the Todra Gorge, Hotel La Vallee and Hotel Mansour are one of the most outstanding options you can ever have. When you want a luxury one, you should grab Kasbah Lamrani in Tinghir. It is highly recommended by many travelers around the world.

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