Merzouga: The Sahara Desert

Merzouga: The Sahara Desert

Merzouga: The Sahara Desert

With a special taste of ancient Berber life, this distant yet lovely village is becoming a hub for travelers to experience and revel in the desert. Merzouga is a once in a lifetime experience- known for its wonderful orange sand dunes, camel rides and its attractive, and unusual, desert beauty. A night in the Sahara Desert is not soon forgotten and is not to be missed when traveling in Morocco.

The best time to visit the Erg Chebbi Dunes is during sunrise or sunset. The brilliant dunes and the dancing shades of sunlight across the sand is truly magical and very romantic. Riding camel back through these dunes transports you back in time. Imagine you are a nomad traveling through the dunes with your family, belongings and herd. Enduring the strong elements- searing sun, wind and scorching sand, before bunking down for the night in your carpet tents. Thankfully, desert experiences are now pure luxury with superb care and attention provided by locals.

The ridges of the Erg Chebbi Dunes rise drastically from the sand, reaching an impressive height of 150 meters. The Grand Dune de Merzouga is nearest to the town and one of the most fantastic scenes. It’s the highest dune and is well known for its tamarisk tree landmark at its own base. For some this picturesque view is the most quintessential desert encounter. However, more adventurous travelers, will enjoy even better views as you leave the crowds and embark into the desert on your camel. For those needing more speed, enjoy a quad biking or 4×4 experience to fly over the dunes.

Due to its locality on the edge of the Sahara, Merzouga offers an unrivaled desert experience. It is also a culturally fascinating area that is perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Relax around your kasbahs’s pool, basking in the pristine Sahara Dunes in the distance. Enjoy local hospitality and traditional meals in this majestic, unique area.

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